Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Picture Talking : Dear Love

Picture is taken from :

"Dear Love"

Dear Love,

This is the last day
Of the 31 days we promised to walk together
In the river of words

I'm sorry, Love
I'm sorry I couldn't keep the promise I made
I couldn't let the words flowing freely

I'm stucked, Love
I don't know what's wrong
I just couldn't find the right trigger

But you know something, Love
All through the lots of pictures
That I browsed

I found one particular one
That screamed louder than the others
It felt like I could make the story even longer than I already did

I don't want to promise you anything else, Love
Cause I'm so very afraid I can't keep it either
And make you disappointed one more time

Dear Love,

Thank you for all your patience
And your neverending supports
But I know I have to step in conscious to make it

In the end it's all up to me
To make it come true or not
Cause what a writer should do is just one thing, write

Yupp, writing, Love
And I should do it for me
Not for anyone else

Cause this is my own dream
Not the one that has been planted by others
So I should do what's needed to make my dream a reality

Dear Love,

Thank you for this 31 days' journey
I know it's not much that I can share
But I'm glad it's over

Cause the end is the beginning of something new
And I hope this new beginning will give a different ending
By doing different things during the process

Dear Love,

One month will officially end within hours
One whole month in the new year of 2012
I still have eleven months left before 2012 will soon pass me by, too

Help me find the inspirations, Love
The inspirations to let out all the words
And create some stories from them

Will you do that, Love?
For me, please?
I know I need lots of determinations to finish this through

But I truly wish I could, Love
For I want to leave something behind
Even when I'm no longer breathe in this place called Earth

Goodbye, January 2012
Like it or not, you're always be a part of me
That I can't turn back

May whatever lesson you're giving me this month
Will make me learn and not make the same mistake 
So long, so long.. until we meet again another time

Tuesday 31/1 (11:01 pm)


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Picture Talking : Watching Over You

Picture is taken from :

"Watching Over You"

I liked doing people-watching
It fascinated to see what they did
When they thought no one was looking

Like that man over there
Who was playing games with his friend
He shouted loudly and pointed at his friend's back
That made his friend turned around and not seeing
When he then switched his cards with better ones

Or the woman near the river bank
Who secretly slipped a small wallet to her pocket
The wallet that I was sure wasn't hers
Cause she took it from the pile of clothes she was washing

Can you see the little child near the watermill?
Do you have any idea what he just did?
He stole a slice of cake from the red wagon
And put it in his mouth
As he was running away

How about the couple who were sitting under that tree?
Looking at them, you might think they were such a lovely couple
Who loved each other so dearly
But let me tell you something
They hadn't been faithful to one another
Cause a moment before both of them were seeing someone else!

Oh, how amazing the things you could find
If you don't believe what I've just told you
You could ask Silver, my black cat
For he's always with me
Whenever I came down to Earth to watch those people

Hey, who knows, one day you might be the one I'm watching over
So, be very aware of what you're doing
Whenever you think no one is watching
Cause I might be somewhere up in the tree
To watch over you

Tuesday 31/1 (10:14 pm)


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Picture Talking : Little Fairy

Picture is taken from :

"Little Fairy"

I came across a little fairy
On my way back home from my friend's house

She was sitting on an icely branch
The ice fell on me as I walked down where she sat

She laughed merrily
When I looked up and found her

She was so small with a sparkling star on her head
And a pair of golden wings on her back

Her voice was crystal clear when she greeted me
She said her name was Flora

Flora, the Flower Fairy
I liked that name

I looked at her closely
She smiled broadly at me

She asked me, "Do you have any special wishes?"
"I can grant you your wishes, you know," she continued

Wow, not only pretty but she also could grant wishes?
I must have been dreaming!

I pinched myself to make sure it wasn't a dream
And happy to find out that it was indeed reality

I was thinking hard to pick
What wishes I wanted to come true

After a while I was stunned
To realize I didn't want something more

I already had what I wanted
And I need not anyone or anything else

I shook my head and thanked her
I waved her goodbye and continued walking home

I stopped before I opened the door
Asked myself if I regretted my decision

But all the sounds I heard from inside the house
Made me sure I had made the right one

I loved what I already had
And I wouldn't want to trade them for anything in the world

Sure it'd be nice 
To have some addition of happiness

But anything could go wrong
I didn't want to take the risk of losing my beloved ones

Yupp, all that made me happy
Were already within my reach

I smiled happily when I opened the door
"I'm home", I said

Yes, I'm home
And in this very home I know I'm loved

Tuesday 31/1 (9:53 pm)


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Monday, January 30, 2012

Picture Talking : The World of Wonders

Picture is taken from :

"The World of Wonders"

There's a world out there, I'm sure
The world that isn't like ours
Where all the magical things
Still happen

A world where all the fun begins
A world full of love
A world of peace within hearts
A world fills with wonders

Would you like to enter that world
If one day you find the secret passage
That allows you to go
To a place you've never been before?

A world where imaginations come true
A world where wishes won't just stay as wishes
A world that makes your heart's desire become reality
A world where happiness isn't just an illusion

Now close your eyes for a second
No, no, no peeking, please!
Breathe deeply and hold it
Tell me what do you see

Everyone holds the key in their hearts
But only few were able to find
Only when your heart's free of hatred and worries
That key will appear

Now you know the secret
That I pass on
It's now up to you
To find that world or not

Mon 30/1 (11:55 am)


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Picture Talking : Friends We Are

Picture is taken from :

"Friends We Are"

Friends we are
Forever friends we will be

All through the ups and downs in life
I know you're always be there for me

And I promise to do the same for you
Whenever you're in need

I know the time we shared together
Ain't always smooth

Sometimes we hit the bumpy roads
And get tensed with each other once in a while

We might need some time
To be away from each other

But just want to let you know
I don't ever want our friendship to end

The laughs are still far more valuable
Than all the angers

Jingling through the problems of life
Hand in hand we're gonna make it through

I know I may have not been a good friend for you at times
I'm sorry for all the wrong things I've said and done

The road ahead of us is still very long
I cannot see what awaits in the future

But I can say for sure
Meeting you is one of my life's treasure

No matter how much longer our time left
Thanks for spending time with me

All those time and emotions
That create some bitter sweet memories

I hope when you look back in time
Whatever you might feel regret of, I'm not one of them

Friends we are
Forever friends (hopefully) we will be

Mon 30/1 (10:42 am)


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Friday, January 20, 2012

Picture Talking : A Letter For You

Picture is taken from :

"A Letter For You"

I've been wanting to tell you this
Since a very long time
But I really have no idea how to start
And I don't dare to say it out loud

But as time goes by
My feelings hasn't even changed
Only growing stronger and stronger
As each day passed me by

So I decided to write you a letter
A letter to let you know what I feel inside
To let your know how I feel about you
How you've made my world a lot brighter

Since you first stepped into my life
With your warm 'hello' and your sincere smile
You've changed something inside of me
Something that had died for long

I had shut down myself
From the outer world
Cause they've been so very mean to me
And only caused me pains

I had build some walls around me
So no one could come and hurt me
It was comforting for a while
But then I started feeling lonely

I never realized
That I've build those walls so high
So high that I couldn't climb them myself
To get out and start living outside again

But one day you just appeared out of nowhere
Standing right in front of me
Giving me your smile
Offering your hand for me to shake

A little 'hello' came out from your mouth
My frozen heart suddenly melted
And I felt warmth flowing freely in my heart
That made me smiled back at you awkwardly

It remains a mystery to me
How you could break down those walls
To help me see the light again
And take me out of darkness

I'm really not good with words
And I don't expect you to treat me any better
After you finish reading this
Oh no, that's really not my intention

I just want to say
Thank you..
Thank you for what you've done to my life
Even if you might not realize it

I'd better stop now
And send this letter immediately
Before I lose my courage
And only keep this for myself

For once in my life
I want to be true to my heart
To say what I truly feel inside
Even only in letter I can do so

Friday 20/1 (4:53 pm)


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Picture Talking : Dear Santa

Picture is taken from :

"Dear Santa"

Dear Santa,
I know we just had Christmas
So this might be wayy to early
To write you a letter

But I'm the most forgetful person
So I'd better start writing now
Before I forget 
What I want to say to you

Dear Santa,
Thank you so much for making my last Christmas
So wonderful and full of magical
I never expected it to be that great

Don't get me wrong
It's not that I wasn't hopeful
But I was just trying to be realistic
Just like what everyone else always told me to do

Dear Santa,
Do you like the cookies I baked especially for you?
I put them on the table near the Christmas tree
I hope you didn't forget to take them home with you

The next morning they were already gone
I hope they were taken by you
And not by Flurry, my cat
She's always hungry and often eats what's not for her

Dear Santa,
I have a very special request for you
For my Christmas this year
Hope you don't mind I'm asking it from now

Cause like I said earlier
I might've forget to wish you this
when Christmas is around the corner
But this is something important for me

Dear Santa,
I'd better start writing down my wishes now
Cause I can feel they're slipping away
To the thin air

Mm.. let's see
I wish not for things this time of year
For I've got so many 
And I have no more rooms to keep them

Dear Santa,
Can you guess what I'm about to ask you?
They say you're a good mind-reader
So I'd really love to know whether you're also right this time

But I guess I don't have much time right now
I've been sick the last couple of days
I can feel my time is coming closer to the end
I might not be able to celebrate Christmas this year

Dear Santa,
If I couldn't make it that far
Can you promise me one thing?
I really hope you can keep your promise 

Please take a very good care of my family
Don't let them stay sad for long because I'm no longer around
Cause I know when I leave this world
I'll be in a much better place

Dear Santa,
If I forget to say it myself
Can you please let them know
How much I love them?

I know they've tried their hardest
To make me healthy again
But I'm tired of fighting
I want to have my peace, my final peace

Dear Santa,
Please don't lose this letter
For this might be the last one
I ever write to you

And when the times finally comes
Can you please send back this letter to my family
So they know they're always in my heart
Forever and always

I've been blessed to have come to this world
And be a part of them
With all the ups and downs in our relationship
I want no other family but the one I already have

Dear Santa,
Hope you haven't changed your address
Cause I'm gonna stop writing now
And send this to you

Thank you for all you've been doing for me
And for all the children in the world
I sometimes feel you're not real
But I don't mind about that

See you later, Santa
And if I can meet you in this world
Maybe we have our chance
In the life afterwards

My very warmest regards,

(you know who am I, right, so I need not to write down my name)

Friday 20/1 (4:26 pm)


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