Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Picture Talking : Du Bi Du Dam Dam

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"Du Bi Du Dam Dam"

Du bi du dam dam
It's the harvesting season again
Oh, can you see how those apples
Have turned into red?

They look soo yummyy and I bet they taste delicious
That makes me want to pick one and just eat it
But oh no no, I just can't do that yet
At least not when my old man is still around

Du bi du dam dam
Picking up those apples
Is one of the world's greatest job
You should try it yourself if you don't believe me

First of all you can enjoy the sun
Feeling the wind
Looking at those wonderful clouds
Being in the open air is a privilege

Du bi du dam dam
But I think it's all come down
On the way you seeing things
It's all in your mind, in your mind

Maybe it doesn't pay much, it's true
But you can exercise without having to pay
And don't you remember that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?
Well here you can eat all you can but just don't waste it

Doing this job reminds me a lot
That much of the wonderful things in the world
Are still free and anyone can have them
But are you willing to find them?

Du bi du dam dam
The fresh air keeps my mind wandering
But I need to focus on picking these apples
So let's say goodbye now and see you later

And worry not
Next time you see me
I surely will bring you some apples
And eat them together under the tree

Wednesday 11/1 (3:38 pm)


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