Saturday, January 14, 2012

Picture Talking : King & Witch

Picture is taken from :

"King & Witch"

O my king, my great o' king
Is it okay for you to be seen with me?

O my witch, my sweet lovely witch
Why should I not be okay to be seen with you?

My dear king
You know oh so well what they say about me

My sweet lovely witch
I've heard all only to find out most of them ain't true

What if they're against us?
Let them be but I will stand by you

What if they throw you out your throne?
I don't mind as long as you're still with me

Why are you so kind to me?
It's no hard to do that for someone like you

But they say I'm wicked and cruel
That's only because they don't know the real you underneath

But.. but..
Sshh, stop talking and let's enjoy the dance

Saturday 14/1 (8:10 am)


Words : 140

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