Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Picture Talking : Dear Love

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"Dear Love"

Dear Love,

This is the last day
Of the 31 days we promised to walk together
In the river of words

I'm sorry, Love
I'm sorry I couldn't keep the promise I made
I couldn't let the words flowing freely

I'm stucked, Love
I don't know what's wrong
I just couldn't find the right trigger

But you know something, Love
All through the lots of pictures
That I browsed

I found one particular one
That screamed louder than the others
It felt like I could make the story even longer than I already did

I don't want to promise you anything else, Love
Cause I'm so very afraid I can't keep it either
And make you disappointed one more time

Dear Love,

Thank you for all your patience
And your neverending supports
But I know I have to step in conscious to make it

In the end it's all up to me
To make it come true or not
Cause what a writer should do is just one thing, write

Yupp, writing, Love
And I should do it for me
Not for anyone else

Cause this is my own dream
Not the one that has been planted by others
So I should do what's needed to make my dream a reality

Dear Love,

Thank you for this 31 days' journey
I know it's not much that I can share
But I'm glad it's over

Cause the end is the beginning of something new
And I hope this new beginning will give a different ending
By doing different things during the process

Dear Love,

One month will officially end within hours
One whole month in the new year of 2012
I still have eleven months left before 2012 will soon pass me by, too

Help me find the inspirations, Love
The inspirations to let out all the words
And create some stories from them

Will you do that, Love?
For me, please?
I know I need lots of determinations to finish this through

But I truly wish I could, Love
For I want to leave something behind
Even when I'm no longer breathe in this place called Earth

Goodbye, January 2012
Like it or not, you're always be a part of me
That I can't turn back

May whatever lesson you're giving me this month
Will make me learn and not make the same mistake 
So long, so long.. until we meet again another time

Tuesday 31/1 (11:01 pm)


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