Friday, January 20, 2012

Picture Talking : What If (Different World)

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"What If (Different World)"

What if I told you
I was not from your world?

What if I told you
I was from far far away?

Would you believe
Everything I said?

What if I told you
I came from a different world?

A world with no limitations
Where your imaginations are floating freely

Anyone can grow wings here
And fly fly away up in the sky

Dive into the deepest ocean
And meet the mermaids

Or climb the highest mountain
And not get lost in the track

You can go deep into the forest
And discover a new world within

What looks good
Can be bad

What looks bad
Might actually a good thing for you

You cannot and shall not
Depend only with what your eyes see

For looks can be deceiving
So you need to open up the eyes of your heart

Learn to trust your intuition
And let your heart guide you the way

A world of love
A world of peace

Where the happy vibes
Filled the air that you breathe

The tears we shed
Won't harden the heart we have

All through the struggles and pains
Yet the love remains

What if I told you
We were not that different at all?

What if I told you
You could have all those in your own world, too?

Would you believe me
And everything I said?

For only wishes that come from the deep of the heart
That may come true in the rightest of time

When that day finally comes your way
I'll be part of you that lives in your imaginary world

Only you can take me out from there
To live in a reality world of fantasy

What if I told you
You were capable of doing so?

Would you believe me
And everything I said?

I'm waiting for you
So please come and get me

Friday 20/1 (1:02 am)


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