Monday, January 30, 2012

Picture Talking : The World of Wonders

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"The World of Wonders"

There's a world out there, I'm sure
The world that isn't like ours
Where all the magical things
Still happen

A world where all the fun begins
A world full of love
A world of peace within hearts
A world fills with wonders

Would you like to enter that world
If one day you find the secret passage
That allows you to go
To a place you've never been before?

A world where imaginations come true
A world where wishes won't just stay as wishes
A world that makes your heart's desire become reality
A world where happiness isn't just an illusion

Now close your eyes for a second
No, no, no peeking, please!
Breathe deeply and hold it
Tell me what do you see

Everyone holds the key in their hearts
But only few were able to find
Only when your heart's free of hatred and worries
That key will appear

Now you know the secret
That I pass on
It's now up to you
To find that world or not

Mon 30/1 (11:55 am)


Words : 172

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