Thursday, January 5, 2012

Picture Talking : Allora, The Black Cat

Picture is taken from :

"Allora, The Black Cat"

I've told you over and over again
I want to be alone!

I need not any companion at the moment
Why can't you just leave me?
I need my own time and space!

Stay away from me!
I don't need you
And I don't want to see your face

Why, you ask? Oh, come on!
Don't tell me you don't remember
What you did the other day!

Yeah yeahh..
You can give me your blank stare all you like
But guess what, I don't believe you!

Not after what you did
You know it oh so well
How much I longed for it

I've waited for days
Before I finally got it
But you just took it away like that

Ahaa, you seem surprised!
Does your memory
Finally catch up with your brain?

Of course I'm talking about that yummy salted fish
Whatever else you think I'm talking about
Oh, noo.. don't tell me you've made another mess

Are you trying to make a peace with me now?
A little mouse won't do you good you know

But I'll take it anyway
It's not as delicious as that salted fish
So that you know

But I appreciate your intention
And though I hate to admit
I gotta say it's no fun without you

But you have to promise
You won't take my fish no more
Or I won't forgive you ever!

Now, what shall we do?
Shall we annoy the farmer's dog?
It has been a while we keep him in peace

Ahh, you agree?!
Great, what are we waiting for?
Let's goo..

*the black cat is running together with her friend, ahh.. poor dog, he won't have his peace for today!*

(the story has been told by Allora, The Black Cat to me and I'm happily retelling the story to you)

Thursday 5/1 (12:35 pm)


Words : 304

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