Friday, January 20, 2012

Picture Talking : Sharing You My World (Skippidity Skippiditto)

Picture is taken from :

"Sharing You My World"

Skippidity skippiditto
Skipping around and having some fun

Would you like to come along
And join me in the journey of life

I'd be happy to show you around
To see what you might've liked

Skippidity skippiditto
Don't let your sorrow troubled you so

Yes, we've made some mistakes
And we cannot go back

But that doesn't mean
We should stop living

Starting over is always an option
It's all up to you to take it or not

Skippidity skippiditto
Oh how I love living my life

Make sure to put a smile on your face
Spread some joy wherever you go

What we give will always come around
So let's be sure to do a good deed

Skippidity skippiditto
Let me share my world with you

Friday 20/1 (1:21 am)


Words : 127

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