Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Picture Talking : Pieces of Puzzle

Picture is taken from Google with keyword "puzzle"

"Pieces of Puzzle"

I have a piece of puzzle
But I really have no idea
What it tries to tell me

One day I come to my friend's house
He then shows me his piece of puzzle
Hey, that one looks like mine

I let out my pice of puzzle from my pocket
And we both very surprise
To find out how our pieces match with each other

I get excited and tells him
We should ask our friends
To show their pieces of puzzle

One by one bring their own pieces
We arrange them together
And finally we can see a grander view

This makes me thinking
That I can't depend on
My own thinking only

For what I know
Might only a little part
Of what really is

I need to collect
All the pieces of puzzle
Before jumping into conclusion

For with only
My own piece of puzzle
I really have no idea what it is

And everyone has
Their own piece of puzzle
To share

From their pieces
I can learn something
I haven't known before

Ahh.. I still have one piece of puzzle left
I'm wondering where it belongs to
I still need to figure it out

But I'm glad to know
That my piece
Ain't the only piece in the world

Wednesday 4/1 (9:26 am)


Words : 214

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