Friday, January 20, 2012

Picture Talking : A Letter For You

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"A Letter For You"

I've been wanting to tell you this
Since a very long time
But I really have no idea how to start
And I don't dare to say it out loud

But as time goes by
My feelings hasn't even changed
Only growing stronger and stronger
As each day passed me by

So I decided to write you a letter
A letter to let you know what I feel inside
To let your know how I feel about you
How you've made my world a lot brighter

Since you first stepped into my life
With your warm 'hello' and your sincere smile
You've changed something inside of me
Something that had died for long

I had shut down myself
From the outer world
Cause they've been so very mean to me
And only caused me pains

I had build some walls around me
So no one could come and hurt me
It was comforting for a while
But then I started feeling lonely

I never realized
That I've build those walls so high
So high that I couldn't climb them myself
To get out and start living outside again

But one day you just appeared out of nowhere
Standing right in front of me
Giving me your smile
Offering your hand for me to shake

A little 'hello' came out from your mouth
My frozen heart suddenly melted
And I felt warmth flowing freely in my heart
That made me smiled back at you awkwardly

It remains a mystery to me
How you could break down those walls
To help me see the light again
And take me out of darkness

I'm really not good with words
And I don't expect you to treat me any better
After you finish reading this
Oh no, that's really not my intention

I just want to say
Thank you..
Thank you for what you've done to my life
Even if you might not realize it

I'd better stop now
And send this letter immediately
Before I lose my courage
And only keep this for myself

For once in my life
I want to be true to my heart
To say what I truly feel inside
Even only in letter I can do so

Friday 20/1 (4:53 pm)


Words : 369

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