Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Picture Talking : Dear Love

Picture is taken from :

"Dear Love"

Dear Love,

This is the last day
Of the 31 days we promised to walk together
In the river of words

I'm sorry, Love
I'm sorry I couldn't keep the promise I made
I couldn't let the words flowing freely

I'm stucked, Love
I don't know what's wrong
I just couldn't find the right trigger

But you know something, Love
All through the lots of pictures
That I browsed

I found one particular one
That screamed louder than the others
It felt like I could make the story even longer than I already did

I don't want to promise you anything else, Love
Cause I'm so very afraid I can't keep it either
And make you disappointed one more time

Dear Love,

Thank you for all your patience
And your neverending supports
But I know I have to step in conscious to make it

In the end it's all up to me
To make it come true or not
Cause what a writer should do is just one thing, write

Yupp, writing, Love
And I should do it for me
Not for anyone else

Cause this is my own dream
Not the one that has been planted by others
So I should do what's needed to make my dream a reality

Dear Love,

Thank you for this 31 days' journey
I know it's not much that I can share
But I'm glad it's over

Cause the end is the beginning of something new
And I hope this new beginning will give a different ending
By doing different things during the process

Dear Love,

One month will officially end within hours
One whole month in the new year of 2012
I still have eleven months left before 2012 will soon pass me by, too

Help me find the inspirations, Love
The inspirations to let out all the words
And create some stories from them

Will you do that, Love?
For me, please?
I know I need lots of determinations to finish this through

But I truly wish I could, Love
For I want to leave something behind
Even when I'm no longer breathe in this place called Earth

Goodbye, January 2012
Like it or not, you're always be a part of me
That I can't turn back

May whatever lesson you're giving me this month
Will make me learn and not make the same mistake 
So long, so long.. until we meet again another time

Tuesday 31/1 (11:01 pm)


Words : 404

Picture Talking : Watching Over You

Picture is taken from :

"Watching Over You"

I liked doing people-watching
It fascinated to see what they did
When they thought no one was looking

Like that man over there
Who was playing games with his friend
He shouted loudly and pointed at his friend's back
That made his friend turned around and not seeing
When he then switched his cards with better ones

Or the woman near the river bank
Who secretly slipped a small wallet to her pocket
The wallet that I was sure wasn't hers
Cause she took it from the pile of clothes she was washing

Can you see the little child near the watermill?
Do you have any idea what he just did?
He stole a slice of cake from the red wagon
And put it in his mouth
As he was running away

How about the couple who were sitting under that tree?
Looking at them, you might think they were such a lovely couple
Who loved each other so dearly
But let me tell you something
They hadn't been faithful to one another
Cause a moment before both of them were seeing someone else!

Oh, how amazing the things you could find
If you don't believe what I've just told you
You could ask Silver, my black cat
For he's always with me
Whenever I came down to Earth to watch those people

Hey, who knows, one day you might be the one I'm watching over
So, be very aware of what you're doing
Whenever you think no one is watching
Cause I might be somewhere up in the tree
To watch over you

Tuesday 31/1 (10:14 pm)


Words : 264

Picture Talking : Little Fairy

Picture is taken from :

"Little Fairy"

I came across a little fairy
On my way back home from my friend's house

She was sitting on an icely branch
The ice fell on me as I walked down where she sat

She laughed merrily
When I looked up and found her

She was so small with a sparkling star on her head
And a pair of golden wings on her back

Her voice was crystal clear when she greeted me
She said her name was Flora

Flora, the Flower Fairy
I liked that name

I looked at her closely
She smiled broadly at me

She asked me, "Do you have any special wishes?"
"I can grant you your wishes, you know," she continued

Wow, not only pretty but she also could grant wishes?
I must have been dreaming!

I pinched myself to make sure it wasn't a dream
And happy to find out that it was indeed reality

I was thinking hard to pick
What wishes I wanted to come true

After a while I was stunned
To realize I didn't want something more

I already had what I wanted
And I need not anyone or anything else

I shook my head and thanked her
I waved her goodbye and continued walking home

I stopped before I opened the door
Asked myself if I regretted my decision

But all the sounds I heard from inside the house
Made me sure I had made the right one

I loved what I already had
And I wouldn't want to trade them for anything in the world

Sure it'd be nice 
To have some addition of happiness

But anything could go wrong
I didn't want to take the risk of losing my beloved ones

Yupp, all that made me happy
Were already within my reach

I smiled happily when I opened the door
"I'm home", I said

Yes, I'm home
And in this very home I know I'm loved

Tuesday 31/1 (9:53 pm)


Words : 319

Monday, January 30, 2012

Picture Talking : The World of Wonders

Picture is taken from :

"The World of Wonders"

There's a world out there, I'm sure
The world that isn't like ours
Where all the magical things
Still happen

A world where all the fun begins
A world full of love
A world of peace within hearts
A world fills with wonders

Would you like to enter that world
If one day you find the secret passage
That allows you to go
To a place you've never been before?

A world where imaginations come true
A world where wishes won't just stay as wishes
A world that makes your heart's desire become reality
A world where happiness isn't just an illusion

Now close your eyes for a second
No, no, no peeking, please!
Breathe deeply and hold it
Tell me what do you see

Everyone holds the key in their hearts
But only few were able to find
Only when your heart's free of hatred and worries
That key will appear

Now you know the secret
That I pass on
It's now up to you
To find that world or not

Mon 30/1 (11:55 am)


Words : 172

Picture Talking : Friends We Are

Picture is taken from :

"Friends We Are"

Friends we are
Forever friends we will be

All through the ups and downs in life
I know you're always be there for me

And I promise to do the same for you
Whenever you're in need

I know the time we shared together
Ain't always smooth

Sometimes we hit the bumpy roads
And get tensed with each other once in a while

We might need some time
To be away from each other

But just want to let you know
I don't ever want our friendship to end

The laughs are still far more valuable
Than all the angers

Jingling through the problems of life
Hand in hand we're gonna make it through

I know I may have not been a good friend for you at times
I'm sorry for all the wrong things I've said and done

The road ahead of us is still very long
I cannot see what awaits in the future

But I can say for sure
Meeting you is one of my life's treasure

No matter how much longer our time left
Thanks for spending time with me

All those time and emotions
That create some bitter sweet memories

I hope when you look back in time
Whatever you might feel regret of, I'm not one of them

Friends we are
Forever friends (hopefully) we will be

Mon 30/1 (10:42 am)


Words : 223

Friday, January 20, 2012

Picture Talking : A Letter For You

Picture is taken from :

"A Letter For You"

I've been wanting to tell you this
Since a very long time
But I really have no idea how to start
And I don't dare to say it out loud

But as time goes by
My feelings hasn't even changed
Only growing stronger and stronger
As each day passed me by

So I decided to write you a letter
A letter to let you know what I feel inside
To let your know how I feel about you
How you've made my world a lot brighter

Since you first stepped into my life
With your warm 'hello' and your sincere smile
You've changed something inside of me
Something that had died for long

I had shut down myself
From the outer world
Cause they've been so very mean to me
And only caused me pains

I had build some walls around me
So no one could come and hurt me
It was comforting for a while
But then I started feeling lonely

I never realized
That I've build those walls so high
So high that I couldn't climb them myself
To get out and start living outside again

But one day you just appeared out of nowhere
Standing right in front of me
Giving me your smile
Offering your hand for me to shake

A little 'hello' came out from your mouth
My frozen heart suddenly melted
And I felt warmth flowing freely in my heart
That made me smiled back at you awkwardly

It remains a mystery to me
How you could break down those walls
To help me see the light again
And take me out of darkness

I'm really not good with words
And I don't expect you to treat me any better
After you finish reading this
Oh no, that's really not my intention

I just want to say
Thank you..
Thank you for what you've done to my life
Even if you might not realize it

I'd better stop now
And send this letter immediately
Before I lose my courage
And only keep this for myself

For once in my life
I want to be true to my heart
To say what I truly feel inside
Even only in letter I can do so

Friday 20/1 (4:53 pm)


Words : 369

Picture Talking : Dear Santa

Picture is taken from :

"Dear Santa"

Dear Santa,
I know we just had Christmas
So this might be wayy to early
To write you a letter

But I'm the most forgetful person
So I'd better start writing now
Before I forget 
What I want to say to you

Dear Santa,
Thank you so much for making my last Christmas
So wonderful and full of magical
I never expected it to be that great

Don't get me wrong
It's not that I wasn't hopeful
But I was just trying to be realistic
Just like what everyone else always told me to do

Dear Santa,
Do you like the cookies I baked especially for you?
I put them on the table near the Christmas tree
I hope you didn't forget to take them home with you

The next morning they were already gone
I hope they were taken by you
And not by Flurry, my cat
She's always hungry and often eats what's not for her

Dear Santa,
I have a very special request for you
For my Christmas this year
Hope you don't mind I'm asking it from now

Cause like I said earlier
I might've forget to wish you this
when Christmas is around the corner
But this is something important for me

Dear Santa,
I'd better start writing down my wishes now
Cause I can feel they're slipping away
To the thin air

Mm.. let's see
I wish not for things this time of year
For I've got so many 
And I have no more rooms to keep them

Dear Santa,
Can you guess what I'm about to ask you?
They say you're a good mind-reader
So I'd really love to know whether you're also right this time

But I guess I don't have much time right now
I've been sick the last couple of days
I can feel my time is coming closer to the end
I might not be able to celebrate Christmas this year

Dear Santa,
If I couldn't make it that far
Can you promise me one thing?
I really hope you can keep your promise 

Please take a very good care of my family
Don't let them stay sad for long because I'm no longer around
Cause I know when I leave this world
I'll be in a much better place

Dear Santa,
If I forget to say it myself
Can you please let them know
How much I love them?

I know they've tried their hardest
To make me healthy again
But I'm tired of fighting
I want to have my peace, my final peace

Dear Santa,
Please don't lose this letter
For this might be the last one
I ever write to you

And when the times finally comes
Can you please send back this letter to my family
So they know they're always in my heart
Forever and always

I've been blessed to have come to this world
And be a part of them
With all the ups and downs in our relationship
I want no other family but the one I already have

Dear Santa,
Hope you haven't changed your address
Cause I'm gonna stop writing now
And send this to you

Thank you for all you've been doing for me
And for all the children in the world
I sometimes feel you're not real
But I don't mind about that

See you later, Santa
And if I can meet you in this world
Maybe we have our chance
In the life afterwards

My very warmest regards,

(you know who am I, right, so I need not to write down my name)

Friday 20/1 (4:26 pm)


Words : 596

Picture Talking : Waiting

Picture is taken from :


I usually don't like waiting
For me it's one of the most boring thing to do

Why waste time by waiting
Especially waiting for some uncertainties

Isn't it a lot better
To do something useful?

But I don't know
You've changed me

I've now spend my most nights waiting
Waiting for a call from you

To hear your voice on the phone
To hear what you've got to say

Don't you know you've got the most beautiful voice?
I could listen to your voice all day and won't get bored

And this is what I've been doing right now

Waiting for you to call
To hear your voice again

I wonder what you've got to tell this time
But I know for sure I wouldn't mind waiting

Friday 20/1 (4:00 pm)


Words : 128

Picture Talking : Sharing You My World (Skippidity Skippiditto)

Picture is taken from :

"Sharing You My World"

Skippidity skippiditto
Skipping around and having some fun

Would you like to come along
And join me in the journey of life

I'd be happy to show you around
To see what you might've liked

Skippidity skippiditto
Don't let your sorrow troubled you so

Yes, we've made some mistakes
And we cannot go back

But that doesn't mean
We should stop living

Starting over is always an option
It's all up to you to take it or not

Skippidity skippiditto
Oh how I love living my life

Make sure to put a smile on your face
Spread some joy wherever you go

What we give will always come around
So let's be sure to do a good deed

Skippidity skippiditto
Let me share my world with you

Friday 20/1 (1:21 am)


Words : 127

Picture Talking : What If (Different World)

Picture is taken from :

"What If (Different World)"

What if I told you
I was not from your world?

What if I told you
I was from far far away?

Would you believe
Everything I said?

What if I told you
I came from a different world?

A world with no limitations
Where your imaginations are floating freely

Anyone can grow wings here
And fly fly away up in the sky

Dive into the deepest ocean
And meet the mermaids

Or climb the highest mountain
And not get lost in the track

You can go deep into the forest
And discover a new world within

What looks good
Can be bad

What looks bad
Might actually a good thing for you

You cannot and shall not
Depend only with what your eyes see

For looks can be deceiving
So you need to open up the eyes of your heart

Learn to trust your intuition
And let your heart guide you the way

A world of love
A world of peace

Where the happy vibes
Filled the air that you breathe

The tears we shed
Won't harden the heart we have

All through the struggles and pains
Yet the love remains

What if I told you
We were not that different at all?

What if I told you
You could have all those in your own world, too?

Would you believe me
And everything I said?

For only wishes that come from the deep of the heart
That may come true in the rightest of time

When that day finally comes your way
I'll be part of you that lives in your imaginary world

Only you can take me out from there
To live in a reality world of fantasy

What if I told you
You were capable of doing so?

Would you believe me
And everything I said?

I'm waiting for you
So please come and get me

Friday 20/1 (1:02 am)


Words : 310

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Picture Talking : My Own Little World

Picture is taken from :

"My Own Little World"

I live in my own little world
A little world that I've known
My whole life

There isn't much here
Only few people around
But we know each other so well

I know them by heart
And they know me
Inside out

We have nothing to hide
All the good and the bad
Are shown openly

We learn to accept
Each other flaws
And make the most of our strengths

Sure we still argue from time to time
But the arguments ain't last forever
For we sort all out before the sun goes down

We promise not to bring the past
Whenever we discuss our current situation
We can learn from it, but not make it a burden

In my own little world
There are lots of colours
Not just black and white

We have set our own boundaries
In which others can interfere
And where we put the lines for them to stay out

They can give me advice
Without being asked
But the decision is on me

In my own little world
Sometimes things can be chaotic
Once in a while

They give me headache
They make me feel sick
They make me thinking of running away

But always always
Whenever I'm such in need of help
There's always a hand's ready for me to take

My own little world ain't perfect
And I'm still adjusting myself
While creating my own space that fits

But seeing their smiles
Feeling their hugs
Not to forget their endless supports

I know that I need not finding another world
For in this little world I'm living in
I know I'm loved and that's all I need right now

Thursday 19/1 (11:25 pm)


Words : 277

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Picture Talking : King & Witch

Picture is taken from :

"King & Witch"

O my king, my great o' king
Is it okay for you to be seen with me?

O my witch, my sweet lovely witch
Why should I not be okay to be seen with you?

My dear king
You know oh so well what they say about me

My sweet lovely witch
I've heard all only to find out most of them ain't true

What if they're against us?
Let them be but I will stand by you

What if they throw you out your throne?
I don't mind as long as you're still with me

Why are you so kind to me?
It's no hard to do that for someone like you

But they say I'm wicked and cruel
That's only because they don't know the real you underneath

But.. but..
Sshh, stop talking and let's enjoy the dance

Saturday 14/1 (8:10 am)


Words : 140

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Picture Talking : (Loving Me) Shopping

Picture is taken from :

"(Loving Me) Shopping"

I've been wanting to go shopping
For a looong time
But I didn't dare to go to the stores

Cause I feel embarassed
What if I couldn't find anything that fits me
Because my body ain't as thin as a model

I pass those stores every afternoon
Looking straight to where I'm heading
Without taking a glance at the clothes that are in

I take a long look in front of the mirror
Examining my reflections
And analyzing my feelings

There's a little fat here
And a little fat there
That makes me round and round everywhere I see

At first I'm feeling sad
And I really want to cry
I almost shed a tear but then I suddenly realize

Why am I sad?
Why should I cry?
So what if I'm not like any other?

I've been with me all of my life
I've been loving myself all of these times
So why should I change the way I feel now?

For the first time I feel so relief
I even sleep longer than usual
And feel so fresh when I wake up the next morning

Today I want to do something different
Before going home I'm gonna have one stop
At the fashion store

I'm gonna search and search
Until I find one 
The very one that flatters my look

I'm gonna wrap it with the nicest paper
And put a lovely pinkie bow on top 
With some sweet little card I write myself

"Thanks for always being around," I shall start
"And for loving me still no matter what"
I sign the card and put a little heart

With a smile on my face
I'm heading back home
With a nicely wrapped present just for myself

Wednesday 11/1 (9:30 pm)


Words : 289

Picture Talking : Du Bi Du Dam Dam

Picture is taken from :

"Du Bi Du Dam Dam"

Du bi du dam dam
It's the harvesting season again
Oh, can you see how those apples
Have turned into red?

They look soo yummyy and I bet they taste delicious
That makes me want to pick one and just eat it
But oh no no, I just can't do that yet
At least not when my old man is still around

Du bi du dam dam
Picking up those apples
Is one of the world's greatest job
You should try it yourself if you don't believe me

First of all you can enjoy the sun
Feeling the wind
Looking at those wonderful clouds
Being in the open air is a privilege

Du bi du dam dam
But I think it's all come down
On the way you seeing things
It's all in your mind, in your mind

Maybe it doesn't pay much, it's true
But you can exercise without having to pay
And don't you remember that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?
Well here you can eat all you can but just don't waste it

Doing this job reminds me a lot
That much of the wonderful things in the world
Are still free and anyone can have them
But are you willing to find them?

Du bi du dam dam
The fresh air keeps my mind wandering
But I need to focus on picking these apples
So let's say goodbye now and see you later

And worry not
Next time you see me
I surely will bring you some apples
And eat them together under the tree

Wednesday 11/1 (3:38 pm)


Words : 262

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Picture Talking : My Own Prince

Picture is taken from :

Mirror, mirror
Which isn't hanging on the wall

Can you please tell me
Who's my prince would be?

Oh please don't let it be a froggie prince
Cause I don't want to kiss a frog to make it a prince

And don't let it be Snow White's Prince Charming
For I don't want to wait that long for him to arrive

Or the Cinderella's prince
Who only cares about the feet and not the heart

And I'd say no no to the Belle's beast
Cause I don't want to get hurt before having my happy ending

I don't need a knight in shining armour
I just want someone to love and call me mi amor

Oh, mirror, mirror
Which is in my hand

Please grant me my wishes
And I promise won't turn you into ashes

Monday 9/1 (10:27 pm)


Words : 136

Picture Talking : Tea Party

Picture is taken from :

Good afternoon
Would you like to join my tea party?

Of course you don't have to bring anything along
Just come here and sit with me

Let's see what I've got
I have cakes, cookies and doughnuts

And ohh as for the drinks
If you don't like tea, I can make you coffee

Would you like to add some blocks of sugar?
Or you'd rather have it plain?

Whatever you want
I shall prepare it for you

I like having my tea outside
So I can feel the wind

And oh the afternoon sun is also good for you
But you've probably have known that

So, do you have something you want to share with me?
I'm a good listener, you know

I can spend hours and hours
Just listening to what others get to say

And I just sit quietly
Sipping my tea and muching my cakes

All I need to do is just nodd, nodd and nodd
And they usually like talking to me

Oh, have I talked to much?
Where's my manners?

Come, come and sit here
And now tell me what would you like to drink?

I'm Milky the Cow
Is now at your service!

Monday 9/1 (10:06 am)


Words : 199

Friday, January 6, 2012

Picture Talking : Let Me Tell You A Story

Picture is taken from :

"Let Me Tell You A Story"

Once upon a time
In a place far far away from our world
There lived a girl
Whose parents had passed away

Although she lives alone
She never feels lonely
Cause she has lots of friend who's always around
And helps her whenever she's in need

She likes telling stories for her friends
Stories that come from her imaginations
Her imaginations make her feel so very alive
Sometimes she even gets lost in them

One of her most favourite story
Is about a princess
Who comes rescuing
A prince

The prince has been prisoned for ages by a wicked witch
That witch also turned the prince
Into a statue and placed him in her pond
So no one could find him

One day when the witch was away
A princess in a castle nearby
Had a walk in a forest
And found that wicked witch's house by accident

The front gate was opened
By curiousity the princess came in
She looked around in wonders
And instantly loved the surrounding

There were many trees
That gave nicely shadows
And covered that place very well
From the unsearching eyes

She walked further in
And came into an open space
Before long she found herself
Standing in front of a pond 

She stared curiously at the statue
Something in his face made her intrigued
She had a closer look at it
And almost had a heart attack when the eyes blinked

She was ready to flee
But a voice stopped her
She turned around and stunned 
When she realized the voice was from the statue

'Please, don't be scared', said the statue
The princess had always wanted some kind of adventures
'This might be the one', she said to herself
So she threw her fears away and listened

She learned the prince's situation
And asked so many questions she could think of
To help the statue came to life again
But only few were answered

She knew from the prince
That she was the only who could make him talked
So she might as well be the chosen one
That could break the spell and release him

She pushed him but he was too heavy to move
She even kissed him to see if there was a magic in it
But nothing changed
And he was still the same

She tried so many other things
Until she was out of breath
But nothing worked
And he was still as stiff as before

She sat by the pond to catch her breath
'Wish you were lighter,' she said to the prince
'So I can take you out of here'
Cause she believed this place was under spells

The water in the pond was slowly moving
Even though there was no wind
Soon the air was filled with water bubbles
With each bubble that popped, the statue became lighter and lighter

At first both of them didn't realize about it
Until the statue prince began floating in the air
The princess gasped and held his legs all she could
Before he was floating much higher and disappeared

In desperation the princess screamed
For the bubbles to stop
Astonished, she saw them all gone in the air
And not a single bubble was left to be found

'What was that?', asked the princess
The statue prince only shrugged
For he absolutely had no idea what was going on
The princess determined not to let go of the prince

Now that he had become lighter
The princess could take him out
From the witch's area
She prayed that it would break the spell on the prince

When they left that place
Suddenly the weigh came back on him
The princess immediately put him down
Before he fell on top of her

The statue prince was once on his feet again
A smoky thin fog was all over him
And when it was cleared
There was no longer the statue, only the prince

The prince looked at the princess in awe
'Thank you very much,' and then he bowed
The princess blushed and couldn't speak a word
For she so much liked what she just saw

'That's the end of the story for today', the girl said
'Ohh, but we want more!' the crowds demanded
'Sorry to disappoint you but I have some other things to do'
'Promise us you'll tell some more when you have time'

The girl just nodded
And came back to her house
She opened her window and let her mind take her away
To the world of imagination where she could find her prince

Friday 6/1 (11:37 pm)


Words : 761

Picture Talking : Princessa

Picture is taken from :


Princessa is the lady of the town
With its white fur and sweetest smile
It's not hard to fall in love with her
The moment you lay your eyes on her

Every night her house is full 
With lots of her fans
Who try hard to capture her heart
By doing romantic things they hope she'd like

Some cats would bring her flowers
Some choose to recite poems about her beauty
And how madly in love they are
With the one and only lady-like cat in town

Some choose to bring out their musical part
Playing violin, trumpet and singing in choir
They sing whole-heartedly 
In hope their song will reach the lady's heart

But Princessa doesn't have special feelings
For any of them
She considers them all as friends
And no more than that

For her heart only belongs
To someone else
Someone who sadly to say
Might not even notice her presence

Princessa first saw him some nights ago
He was standing under the lamp-post
In front of her house
How she fell for that handsome creature

He wasn't one of her kind
In fact his race is well-known
To be the number one enemy
In the cat's kingdom

Princessa feels sad
Why does she have to fall in love
With someone she couldn't even have?
What should she do with her feelings?

Sometimes she wonder
Does love have to be this complicated?
Why can't she just fall in love
With anyone her heart falls for?

Shouldn't love pass
What the eyes see?
Shouldn't love conquer
All the differences?

Princessa sighs
Life would be much easier
If she could just fall in love
With any cat that spends the night entertaining her

Princessa, the cat lady in town
Classy and lovely
That makes every cat turns their eyes
Whenever she walks nearby

Any cats can try 
To win her heart
But only she knows for sure
Who her heart belongs to

Friday 6/1 (6:24 pm)


Words : 323

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Picture Talking : By The Window

Picture is taken from :

"By The Window"

I like sitting by the window
This window is the one 
Which separates my world
From the outer world

From this very window
I can see the life out there
So lively and so colourful
So much of the opposite from my world

People are running around
And like screaming out loud
While I'm watching them from afar
In a silence

Those strangers are in different shapes
Some are tall, some are shorts
Some are thin, some are rounder
And they have colourful skins

But I'm not like any of them
Will they like me when they see me?
I'm all white, from head to toe
Only my hair and eyes are black

I have wings on my back
I had it since I was a kid
I could fly but I'd rather walk
And hide my wings anytime I can

Many things I can do in my world
But sometimes I'm lonely
For having to do these things
All alone by myself

I want to talk to someone
To hear their stories
To share the stories of my own
To laugh together with them

But I really have no idea
How to start
Besides, I can't break this window
For it has been spelled

The spell can only be broken
When someone from the outer world
Notice my presence
And take a chance to cross the line

But it has been ages
And no one has ever come
So I'll just wait here by the window
And praying someone will finally come

Thursday 5/1 (8:04 am)


Words : 253

Picture Talking : Lady in Red

Picture is taken from :

"Lady in Red"

Lady in Red
I never want to see you sad
Even though sometimes you're soo bad
That makes me mad

I'm familiar
With the way you talk
How almost like floating
When you walk

But what I love most about you
Is when you're smiling
Not only with your lips 
But also with your eyes

They say many things about you
Oh, Lady in Red
Some of them are close to truth
But the rest are just trash

I don't know how you can cope
With all these euphoria
You're on top of the game
But sometimes you seem so lonely

Is there something you hide
Behind your sweet smile?
Are you holding on tears
That are ready to fall?

Do you have someone you can talk to
Whenever you feel down?
I wonder who do you turn to
When the going gets tough

Please hang on, Lady in Red
For you are such an inspirational person
That young girls should look up to
Your uniqueness makes you one of a kind

May you always find strength when you're week
May you find comforts when you feel sad
May you be able to always rise again
Each time you fall

Take a very good care of yourself
Oh, Lady in Red
I wish you well
Until the day we meet again

Thursday 5/1 (4:59 pm)


Words : 221

Picture Talking : Allora, The Black Cat

Picture is taken from :

"Allora, The Black Cat"

I've told you over and over again
I want to be alone!

I need not any companion at the moment
Why can't you just leave me?
I need my own time and space!

Stay away from me!
I don't need you
And I don't want to see your face

Why, you ask? Oh, come on!
Don't tell me you don't remember
What you did the other day!

Yeah yeahh..
You can give me your blank stare all you like
But guess what, I don't believe you!

Not after what you did
You know it oh so well
How much I longed for it

I've waited for days
Before I finally got it
But you just took it away like that

Ahaa, you seem surprised!
Does your memory
Finally catch up with your brain?

Of course I'm talking about that yummy salted fish
Whatever else you think I'm talking about
Oh, noo.. don't tell me you've made another mess

Are you trying to make a peace with me now?
A little mouse won't do you good you know

But I'll take it anyway
It's not as delicious as that salted fish
So that you know

But I appreciate your intention
And though I hate to admit
I gotta say it's no fun without you

But you have to promise
You won't take my fish no more
Or I won't forgive you ever!

Now, what shall we do?
Shall we annoy the farmer's dog?
It has been a while we keep him in peace

Ahh, you agree?!
Great, what are we waiting for?
Let's goo..

*the black cat is running together with her friend, ahh.. poor dog, he won't have his peace for today!*

(the story has been told by Allora, The Black Cat to me and I'm happily retelling the story to you)

Thursday 5/1 (12:35 pm)


Words : 304