Thursday, January 5, 2012

Picture Talking : By The Window

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"By The Window"

I like sitting by the window
This window is the one 
Which separates my world
From the outer world

From this very window
I can see the life out there
So lively and so colourful
So much of the opposite from my world

People are running around
And like screaming out loud
While I'm watching them from afar
In a silence

Those strangers are in different shapes
Some are tall, some are shorts
Some are thin, some are rounder
And they have colourful skins

But I'm not like any of them
Will they like me when they see me?
I'm all white, from head to toe
Only my hair and eyes are black

I have wings on my back
I had it since I was a kid
I could fly but I'd rather walk
And hide my wings anytime I can

Many things I can do in my world
But sometimes I'm lonely
For having to do these things
All alone by myself

I want to talk to someone
To hear their stories
To share the stories of my own
To laugh together with them

But I really have no idea
How to start
Besides, I can't break this window
For it has been spelled

The spell can only be broken
When someone from the outer world
Notice my presence
And take a chance to cross the line

But it has been ages
And no one has ever come
So I'll just wait here by the window
And praying someone will finally come

Thursday 5/1 (8:04 am)


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