Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Picture Talking : Watching Over You

Picture is taken from :

"Watching Over You"

I liked doing people-watching
It fascinated to see what they did
When they thought no one was looking

Like that man over there
Who was playing games with his friend
He shouted loudly and pointed at his friend's back
That made his friend turned around and not seeing
When he then switched his cards with better ones

Or the woman near the river bank
Who secretly slipped a small wallet to her pocket
The wallet that I was sure wasn't hers
Cause she took it from the pile of clothes she was washing

Can you see the little child near the watermill?
Do you have any idea what he just did?
He stole a slice of cake from the red wagon
And put it in his mouth
As he was running away

How about the couple who were sitting under that tree?
Looking at them, you might think they were such a lovely couple
Who loved each other so dearly
But let me tell you something
They hadn't been faithful to one another
Cause a moment before both of them were seeing someone else!

Oh, how amazing the things you could find
If you don't believe what I've just told you
You could ask Silver, my black cat
For he's always with me
Whenever I came down to Earth to watch those people

Hey, who knows, one day you might be the one I'm watching over
So, be very aware of what you're doing
Whenever you think no one is watching
Cause I might be somewhere up in the tree
To watch over you

Tuesday 31/1 (10:14 pm)


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