Friday, January 6, 2012

Picture Talking : Princessa

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Princessa is the lady of the town
With its white fur and sweetest smile
It's not hard to fall in love with her
The moment you lay your eyes on her

Every night her house is full 
With lots of her fans
Who try hard to capture her heart
By doing romantic things they hope she'd like

Some cats would bring her flowers
Some choose to recite poems about her beauty
And how madly in love they are
With the one and only lady-like cat in town

Some choose to bring out their musical part
Playing violin, trumpet and singing in choir
They sing whole-heartedly 
In hope their song will reach the lady's heart

But Princessa doesn't have special feelings
For any of them
She considers them all as friends
And no more than that

For her heart only belongs
To someone else
Someone who sadly to say
Might not even notice her presence

Princessa first saw him some nights ago
He was standing under the lamp-post
In front of her house
How she fell for that handsome creature

He wasn't one of her kind
In fact his race is well-known
To be the number one enemy
In the cat's kingdom

Princessa feels sad
Why does she have to fall in love
With someone she couldn't even have?
What should she do with her feelings?

Sometimes she wonder
Does love have to be this complicated?
Why can't she just fall in love
With anyone her heart falls for?

Shouldn't love pass
What the eyes see?
Shouldn't love conquer
All the differences?

Princessa sighs
Life would be much easier
If she could just fall in love
With any cat that spends the night entertaining her

Princessa, the cat lady in town
Classy and lovely
That makes every cat turns their eyes
Whenever she walks nearby

Any cats can try 
To win her heart
But only she knows for sure
Who her heart belongs to

Friday 6/1 (6:24 pm)


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