Friday, January 6, 2012

Picture Talking : Let Me Tell You A Story

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"Let Me Tell You A Story"

Once upon a time
In a place far far away from our world
There lived a girl
Whose parents had passed away

Although she lives alone
She never feels lonely
Cause she has lots of friend who's always around
And helps her whenever she's in need

She likes telling stories for her friends
Stories that come from her imaginations
Her imaginations make her feel so very alive
Sometimes she even gets lost in them

One of her most favourite story
Is about a princess
Who comes rescuing
A prince

The prince has been prisoned for ages by a wicked witch
That witch also turned the prince
Into a statue and placed him in her pond
So no one could find him

One day when the witch was away
A princess in a castle nearby
Had a walk in a forest
And found that wicked witch's house by accident

The front gate was opened
By curiousity the princess came in
She looked around in wonders
And instantly loved the surrounding

There were many trees
That gave nicely shadows
And covered that place very well
From the unsearching eyes

She walked further in
And came into an open space
Before long she found herself
Standing in front of a pond 

She stared curiously at the statue
Something in his face made her intrigued
She had a closer look at it
And almost had a heart attack when the eyes blinked

She was ready to flee
But a voice stopped her
She turned around and stunned 
When she realized the voice was from the statue

'Please, don't be scared', said the statue
The princess had always wanted some kind of adventures
'This might be the one', she said to herself
So she threw her fears away and listened

She learned the prince's situation
And asked so many questions she could think of
To help the statue came to life again
But only few were answered

She knew from the prince
That she was the only who could make him talked
So she might as well be the chosen one
That could break the spell and release him

She pushed him but he was too heavy to move
She even kissed him to see if there was a magic in it
But nothing changed
And he was still the same

She tried so many other things
Until she was out of breath
But nothing worked
And he was still as stiff as before

She sat by the pond to catch her breath
'Wish you were lighter,' she said to the prince
'So I can take you out of here'
Cause she believed this place was under spells

The water in the pond was slowly moving
Even though there was no wind
Soon the air was filled with water bubbles
With each bubble that popped, the statue became lighter and lighter

At first both of them didn't realize about it
Until the statue prince began floating in the air
The princess gasped and held his legs all she could
Before he was floating much higher and disappeared

In desperation the princess screamed
For the bubbles to stop
Astonished, she saw them all gone in the air
And not a single bubble was left to be found

'What was that?', asked the princess
The statue prince only shrugged
For he absolutely had no idea what was going on
The princess determined not to let go of the prince

Now that he had become lighter
The princess could take him out
From the witch's area
She prayed that it would break the spell on the prince

When they left that place
Suddenly the weigh came back on him
The princess immediately put him down
Before he fell on top of her

The statue prince was once on his feet again
A smoky thin fog was all over him
And when it was cleared
There was no longer the statue, only the prince

The prince looked at the princess in awe
'Thank you very much,' and then he bowed
The princess blushed and couldn't speak a word
For she so much liked what she just saw

'That's the end of the story for today', the girl said
'Ohh, but we want more!' the crowds demanded
'Sorry to disappoint you but I have some other things to do'
'Promise us you'll tell some more when you have time'

The girl just nodded
And came back to her house
She opened her window and let her mind take her away
To the world of imagination where she could find her prince

Friday 6/1 (11:37 pm)


Words : 761


  1. WOW, Indah! This is amazing!! You're so talented, dear! I really loved this story.. Keep them coming! :)

  2. I like it, I.ndah... This is sooo very much you. I think you should find a great illustrator to work together and create your own pictures for your stories :)