Monday, January 2, 2012

Picture Talking : The Moonlight

Picture is taken from :

"The Moonlight"

Do you still remember when we first met?
The moon shone ever so brightly that night
And you were there with your friends
Your face was glowing even brighter than the moon
And I was instantly in love

I couldn't think of anything else but you
I couldn't sleep that night
And when I finally went into dreamland
Your face was all I saw
Until the moment I woke up

I didn't know your name
Or where you were from
I really had no idea how to see you again
But deep inside my heart I knew
I would meet you again somehow someway

And destiny had been kind to me
By leading me to cross your path again
Did you know how nervous I was back then?
I took some deep breaths
Before I could gain my courage to talk to you

Since you came into my life
I enjoyed every minute I spent with you
Sometimes I was wondering
How could I have lived that long
Without being with you?

You have become a part of myself
And owned my heart completely
I could never go on another day without you
I promise you my love won't change
And I'll do anything to make sure it's true

Under the moonlight we first had our kiss
The very same moonlight was the witness
When we took a vow to commit to each other
To love and to care
Until death do us part

I'm more than lucky to have found you
To always be with you is my only wish
I hope we both never have a change of heart
Cause I know I could never love
Anyone but you..

Monday 2/1 (9:49 pm)


Words : 281

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