Monday, January 2, 2012

Picture Talking : Time of The Year

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"Time of the Year"

It's the time of the year again
The perfect time to share
To share the love and joy
For all the people that you love

To thank them for all they've done
To let them know how much you care
How their words and encouragements
Have got you through even at the hardest time

Always walk together hand in hand
Whenever you're in need they're always around
To give their supports
Or just lending their shoulders for you to cry on

Oh, dear friends, have I told you lately
How much you mean to me?
Maybe I don't say it oftenly
But I do feel it in my heart

So in this very special time of the year
Allow me to tell you
The things I might have only tell you
Every once in a year

You've been a very important part of my life
And I want to thank you for that
For always being around
For always sticking when we hit bumpy roads

I may not know about the future
But I do know that having you in my life
Is one of my life's blessings
The one I wouldn't trade for anything

So let me wish you a happy new year
May you have a more wonderful year this time
And have lots of nice surprises
Along the way in your journey of life

And just remember
Anytime you might feel like you're a bad person
There's someone out there who doesn't think the same
And that someone is me

Have a splendid 2012

Monday 2/1 (7:35 am)


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