Thursday, January 5, 2012

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I've been living here
All my life

Don't get me wrong
I like being here

But sometimes..
I couldn't help but wondering

How does it feel like
To live some place else?

Is somewhere out there
The sky as blue as it is here?

Is somewhere out there
The clouds as white as they are here?

Are the birds also chirping over there
Like they are here?

Is the air over there
As fresh as it is here?

Do they also have the moon
And the stars at night?

I like to look at the sky
In a broad daylight

Picturing a place I've never been
Wondering how the life over there goes

Does its streets are
As busy as they are here?

Are there many tall buildings that make dizzy 
When you're looking at them for too long?

How about the food?
Is it as good as delicious as it is here?

And the mice, are they running
As fast as they are here that makes them hard to catch?

Ahh.. all these wonderings make me feel sleepy

I'd better take a nap now
And who knows I might wake up some place else

Even I'm not sure if that really happens
Am I gonna be as happy as I am now?

Ohh, let's think about that some other time

Now allow me to have my beauty sleep
And I'll let you continue the wondering

I see you again later
When I have the time 

Missy, The Cat

Thursday 5/1 (8:06 am)


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