Thursday, January 5, 2012

Picture Talking : Dear You

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"Dear You"

Dear you,

How are you?
Long time no see
I miss you, do you know that?

Where have you been?
Why did you never call?
Or contact me through mails?

Have I said something that offended you?
Have I done something that upset you?
Am I not good enough for you?

Dear you,

Yesterday I went to the restaurant
where we used to hang out together
I couldn't eat for there was too much memories of you

You're everywhere I go
Everything reminds me of you
Just can't get you out of my mind

So many things we've been through
Some were too good to be thrown away like they were nothing
While some others were like nightmares

Dear you,

If it's to end
Why don't you just say so?
Instead of keep me waiting and wondering

Have you found someone else?
Someone you love
More than you love me?

I'm tired of waiting
Why don't you see me
For just one more time

Dear you,

I promise I won't cry
When you say goodbye
Even I'm not yet ready

But I need a closure
Of what ever happened
Between you and me

An end to start anew
Takes time for my heart to heal
But I know it's better than this

Dear you,

I'm sending you this
In hoping that you will reply
No matter what your decision is

If I ever meant something to you
Hope you'd agree to meet me again
Even just for a while before the end

So, call me
Or message me
Or contact me whichever way you like

Dear you,

I'll be waiting
Hoping and patiently
For your response

Please don't keep me waiting forever
Cause I want to continue living my life
Even if you're no longer part of it

I wish you well and happy
Wherever you are and whoever you're with
Take care..

Thursday 5/1 (11:44 am)


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