Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Picture Talking : Little Fairy

Picture is taken from :

"Little Fairy"

I came across a little fairy
On my way back home from my friend's house

She was sitting on an icely branch
The ice fell on me as I walked down where she sat

She laughed merrily
When I looked up and found her

She was so small with a sparkling star on her head
And a pair of golden wings on her back

Her voice was crystal clear when she greeted me
She said her name was Flora

Flora, the Flower Fairy
I liked that name

I looked at her closely
She smiled broadly at me

She asked me, "Do you have any special wishes?"
"I can grant you your wishes, you know," she continued

Wow, not only pretty but she also could grant wishes?
I must have been dreaming!

I pinched myself to make sure it wasn't a dream
And happy to find out that it was indeed reality

I was thinking hard to pick
What wishes I wanted to come true

After a while I was stunned
To realize I didn't want something more

I already had what I wanted
And I need not anyone or anything else

I shook my head and thanked her
I waved her goodbye and continued walking home

I stopped before I opened the door
Asked myself if I regretted my decision

But all the sounds I heard from inside the house
Made me sure I had made the right one

I loved what I already had
And I wouldn't want to trade them for anything in the world

Sure it'd be nice 
To have some addition of happiness

But anything could go wrong
I didn't want to take the risk of losing my beloved ones

Yupp, all that made me happy
Were already within my reach

I smiled happily when I opened the door
"I'm home", I said

Yes, I'm home
And in this very home I know I'm loved

Tuesday 31/1 (9:53 pm)


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