Thursday, January 19, 2012

Picture Talking : My Own Little World

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"My Own Little World"

I live in my own little world
A little world that I've known
My whole life

There isn't much here
Only few people around
But we know each other so well

I know them by heart
And they know me
Inside out

We have nothing to hide
All the good and the bad
Are shown openly

We learn to accept
Each other flaws
And make the most of our strengths

Sure we still argue from time to time
But the arguments ain't last forever
For we sort all out before the sun goes down

We promise not to bring the past
Whenever we discuss our current situation
We can learn from it, but not make it a burden

In my own little world
There are lots of colours
Not just black and white

We have set our own boundaries
In which others can interfere
And where we put the lines for them to stay out

They can give me advice
Without being asked
But the decision is on me

In my own little world
Sometimes things can be chaotic
Once in a while

They give me headache
They make me feel sick
They make me thinking of running away

But always always
Whenever I'm such in need of help
There's always a hand's ready for me to take

My own little world ain't perfect
And I'm still adjusting myself
While creating my own space that fits

But seeing their smiles
Feeling their hugs
Not to forget their endless supports

I know that I need not finding another world
For in this little world I'm living in
I know I'm loved and that's all I need right now

Thursday 19/1 (11:25 pm)


Words : 277

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