Thursday, January 5, 2012

Picture Talking : Lady in Red

Picture is taken from :

"Lady in Red"

Lady in Red
I never want to see you sad
Even though sometimes you're soo bad
That makes me mad

I'm familiar
With the way you talk
How almost like floating
When you walk

But what I love most about you
Is when you're smiling
Not only with your lips 
But also with your eyes

They say many things about you
Oh, Lady in Red
Some of them are close to truth
But the rest are just trash

I don't know how you can cope
With all these euphoria
You're on top of the game
But sometimes you seem so lonely

Is there something you hide
Behind your sweet smile?
Are you holding on tears
That are ready to fall?

Do you have someone you can talk to
Whenever you feel down?
I wonder who do you turn to
When the going gets tough

Please hang on, Lady in Red
For you are such an inspirational person
That young girls should look up to
Your uniqueness makes you one of a kind

May you always find strength when you're week
May you find comforts when you feel sad
May you be able to always rise again
Each time you fall

Take a very good care of yourself
Oh, Lady in Red
I wish you well
Until the day we meet again

Thursday 5/1 (4:59 pm)


Words : 221

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