Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Picture Talking : (Loving Me) Shopping

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"(Loving Me) Shopping"

I've been wanting to go shopping
For a looong time
But I didn't dare to go to the stores

Cause I feel embarassed
What if I couldn't find anything that fits me
Because my body ain't as thin as a model

I pass those stores every afternoon
Looking straight to where I'm heading
Without taking a glance at the clothes that are in

I take a long look in front of the mirror
Examining my reflections
And analyzing my feelings

There's a little fat here
And a little fat there
That makes me round and round everywhere I see

At first I'm feeling sad
And I really want to cry
I almost shed a tear but then I suddenly realize

Why am I sad?
Why should I cry?
So what if I'm not like any other?

I've been with me all of my life
I've been loving myself all of these times
So why should I change the way I feel now?

For the first time I feel so relief
I even sleep longer than usual
And feel so fresh when I wake up the next morning

Today I want to do something different
Before going home I'm gonna have one stop
At the fashion store

I'm gonna search and search
Until I find one 
The very one that flatters my look

I'm gonna wrap it with the nicest paper
And put a lovely pinkie bow on top 
With some sweet little card I write myself

"Thanks for always being around," I shall start
"And for loving me still no matter what"
I sign the card and put a little heart

With a smile on my face
I'm heading back home
With a nicely wrapped present just for myself

Wednesday 11/1 (9:30 pm)


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