Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Picture Talking : Tea Party

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Good afternoon
Would you like to join my tea party?

Of course you don't have to bring anything along
Just come here and sit with me

Let's see what I've got
I have cakes, cookies and doughnuts

And ohh as for the drinks
If you don't like tea, I can make you coffee

Would you like to add some blocks of sugar?
Or you'd rather have it plain?

Whatever you want
I shall prepare it for you

I like having my tea outside
So I can feel the wind

And oh the afternoon sun is also good for you
But you've probably have known that

So, do you have something you want to share with me?
I'm a good listener, you know

I can spend hours and hours
Just listening to what others get to say

And I just sit quietly
Sipping my tea and muching my cakes

All I need to do is just nodd, nodd and nodd
And they usually like talking to me

Oh, have I talked to much?
Where's my manners?

Come, come and sit here
And now tell me what would you like to drink?

I'm Milky the Cow
Is now at your service!

Monday 9/1 (10:06 am)


Words : 199

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  1. LOVE it, dear Indah! So sweet little poem! :D