Monday, January 30, 2012

Picture Talking : Friends We Are

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"Friends We Are"

Friends we are
Forever friends we will be

All through the ups and downs in life
I know you're always be there for me

And I promise to do the same for you
Whenever you're in need

I know the time we shared together
Ain't always smooth

Sometimes we hit the bumpy roads
And get tensed with each other once in a while

We might need some time
To be away from each other

But just want to let you know
I don't ever want our friendship to end

The laughs are still far more valuable
Than all the angers

Jingling through the problems of life
Hand in hand we're gonna make it through

I know I may have not been a good friend for you at times
I'm sorry for all the wrong things I've said and done

The road ahead of us is still very long
I cannot see what awaits in the future

But I can say for sure
Meeting you is one of my life's treasure

No matter how much longer our time left
Thanks for spending time with me

All those time and emotions
That create some bitter sweet memories

I hope when you look back in time
Whatever you might feel regret of, I'm not one of them

Friends we are
Forever friends (hopefully) we will be

Mon 30/1 (10:42 am)


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