Friday, January 20, 2012

Picture Talking : Waiting

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I usually don't like waiting
For me it's one of the most boring thing to do

Why waste time by waiting
Especially waiting for some uncertainties

Isn't it a lot better
To do something useful?

But I don't know
You've changed me

I've now spend my most nights waiting
Waiting for a call from you

To hear your voice on the phone
To hear what you've got to say

Don't you know you've got the most beautiful voice?
I could listen to your voice all day and won't get bored

And this is what I've been doing right now

Waiting for you to call
To hear your voice again

I wonder what you've got to tell this time
But I know for sure I wouldn't mind waiting

Friday 20/1 (4:00 pm)


Words : 128

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