Friday, January 20, 2012

Picture Talking : Dear Santa

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"Dear Santa"

Dear Santa,
I know we just had Christmas
So this might be wayy to early
To write you a letter

But I'm the most forgetful person
So I'd better start writing now
Before I forget 
What I want to say to you

Dear Santa,
Thank you so much for making my last Christmas
So wonderful and full of magical
I never expected it to be that great

Don't get me wrong
It's not that I wasn't hopeful
But I was just trying to be realistic
Just like what everyone else always told me to do

Dear Santa,
Do you like the cookies I baked especially for you?
I put them on the table near the Christmas tree
I hope you didn't forget to take them home with you

The next morning they were already gone
I hope they were taken by you
And not by Flurry, my cat
She's always hungry and often eats what's not for her

Dear Santa,
I have a very special request for you
For my Christmas this year
Hope you don't mind I'm asking it from now

Cause like I said earlier
I might've forget to wish you this
when Christmas is around the corner
But this is something important for me

Dear Santa,
I'd better start writing down my wishes now
Cause I can feel they're slipping away
To the thin air

Mm.. let's see
I wish not for things this time of year
For I've got so many 
And I have no more rooms to keep them

Dear Santa,
Can you guess what I'm about to ask you?
They say you're a good mind-reader
So I'd really love to know whether you're also right this time

But I guess I don't have much time right now
I've been sick the last couple of days
I can feel my time is coming closer to the end
I might not be able to celebrate Christmas this year

Dear Santa,
If I couldn't make it that far
Can you promise me one thing?
I really hope you can keep your promise 

Please take a very good care of my family
Don't let them stay sad for long because I'm no longer around
Cause I know when I leave this world
I'll be in a much better place

Dear Santa,
If I forget to say it myself
Can you please let them know
How much I love them?

I know they've tried their hardest
To make me healthy again
But I'm tired of fighting
I want to have my peace, my final peace

Dear Santa,
Please don't lose this letter
For this might be the last one
I ever write to you

And when the times finally comes
Can you please send back this letter to my family
So they know they're always in my heart
Forever and always

I've been blessed to have come to this world
And be a part of them
With all the ups and downs in our relationship
I want no other family but the one I already have

Dear Santa,
Hope you haven't changed your address
Cause I'm gonna stop writing now
And send this to you

Thank you for all you've been doing for me
And for all the children in the world
I sometimes feel you're not real
But I don't mind about that

See you later, Santa
And if I can meet you in this world
Maybe we have our chance
In the life afterwards

My very warmest regards,

(you know who am I, right, so I need not to write down my name)

Friday 20/1 (4:26 pm)


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